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Lecturer, Chemistry
Department of Biological and Physical Sciences
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2017-2022: PHD-Chemistry, University of Nairobi.

2010-2012: Masters of Science - Chemistry, University of Nairobi.

2005-2009: Bachelor of Science – Chemistry, University of Nairobi; First class honors

  1. Identification of New Lead Compounds and Diagnostic Tools for Leishmaniasis: Concepts, Approaches, and Capacity Building workshop by Durham University, COMSTECH, University of Nairobi and ICCBS, February 22 - 24, 2023.
  2. ISO 9001: 2015: Internal Quality Audit Courseby Kenya Bureau of Standards, July 12-15 2022 at Kabarak University.
  3. Pandemic Preparedness with a One Health approach (PPOHC) by Heidelberg Institute of Global Health, September 14- October 25, 2020.
  4. Drug, Design, Modelling and Docking Workshop by Africa Centre of Excellence in Materials Product Development and Nanotechnology, February 10-14, 2020.
  5. HORBACH Soft Skill Training Workshop by HORBACH Financial Services, Germany, and Department of Chemistry, University of Nairobi, June 26-27, 2019.
  6. Training on Pedagogy and ISO 9001:2015 Awareness, March 2019 at Kabarak University.
  1. Regional A Hands-on Approach training on GC-MS, JKUAT, Kenya, funded by Pan African Chemistry Network under The Royal Society of Chemistry, UK and G.S.K, August 2017.

Sep 2017- To date-Lecturer, Kabarak University

  1. Teaching and evaluation of undergraduate students.
  2. Setting, moderating, administering, processing and marking examinations.
  3. Mentoring of students and academic advising.
  4. Development and review of curriculum.

Jan 2017 – Aug 2017 -part time lecturer, Kabarak University

Jan 2015 – Dec 2016 -part time lecturer, Maasai Mara university

Jan 2014 –May 2017- part time lecturer, Karatina University;

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  9. Chepkirui, C. (2012). Phytochemical investigation of three Erythrina species and Teclea nobilis(MSc thesis, University of Nairobi).

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