Dr Michael Nyongesa WALEKHWA

Staff Information
Lecturer - Immunology and Hematology
Department of Biomedical Sciences
School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Main Campus


September 2019-Date   

School of Business & Economics, Kabarak University   

Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management)


September 2015-December 2020

School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Kenyatta University

Ph.D. Medical Immunology


January 2011-June 2016

School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Kenyatta University

MSc. Infectious Diseases (Immunology Option)


January 2004-July 2010

School of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences


February 1999- November 2002

Friends High School, Bokoli

Kenya Certificate of Secondary

Education (KCSE B{Plain})





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